There are two key formats within the YouTube ad realm:

TrueView In-stream – In-stream shows any video advertising campaign you have initiated before other videos or in the intervals of long videos.

TrueView Discovery – This uses traditional ad formats banners and thumbnails to attract users to click through to a video or website.

Bumper Ads – Short, sharp six-second ads that run before other videos.

 TrueView for Shopping – These campaigns showcase your products make your ad interactive by connecting viewers directly to your products and providing information that brings customers closer to making a purchase.

YouTube Ads can be shown across YouTube Search and YouTube Videos, including  Google partner sites, apps and the Google display networks.

To ensure your ads reach the relevant user, we can target users with a combination of options including: behaviour, interests, remarketing, placements and keywords.

We will review the overall marketing strategy and business objectives to determine how to maximise YouTube Advertising to channel a congruent strategy.