Social media is a tool for sharing and discussing information relating to your brand. To make the best use of the fact that the world is now full of user-generated content and conversations you need to be able to put your brand in front of an audience and be prepared to join in and respond to points made.

Oregon digital marketing company uses social media platforms like Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Linkedin etc to expand our clients business.

Social bookmarking.

This is a method for internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages that interest them with the help of metadata. By adding bookmarking widgets to product or news pages you enable users to easily save or share your pages on their social networks. This again leads to increased traffic and linkage from what are nowadays seen as a very credible source by the search engines.

Video sharing.

By adding any video content to sites such as YouTube and Stumble upon you can expose your brand and content to an external audience. This is a very effective way of building traffic and brand awareness at no cost.

Social networking sites.

Creating groups on sites such as Facebook, Bebo, and Twitter allows you to communicate your news and events (similar to the blog) to members of your group and is a very effective traffic driver. Groups are one of the simplest ways to do viral marketing. Once members have joined your group, they can easily invite their friends to join the group via a built-in invite feature. If your members are excited about your group, it can grow really quickly. Groups are also discoverable through predefined categories that many users use to connect with their interests.