Programmatic Marketing is a form of advertising in which the client purchases advertising space in real time. The process used by Programmatic Advertising Companies utilizes software which automates the optimization of demographics, buying of ads, and your ad placement using a strategic bidding program. Because the very nature of Programmatic Marketing relies on real-time execution, automation of the campaign using software ensures the success of the campaign can be executed in real-time by eliminating the need for human trigger point selection, manual bidding, and programmer ad insertions.

The Programmatic Marketing methodology is more effective than traditional advertising because it involves a targeted or specific message that is carefully designed for a specific person or audience. This campaign results in more precise messaging and targeted ads, which deliver better-targeted marketing programs and less of a throw-it-against-a-wall-and-see-what-sticks approach to advertising.

Programmatic Marketing is the use of software to automate the marketing process